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How do you get people to find your website among the billions of other sites on the internet? That’s where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes in. SEO is what we do in order to get search engines, such as Google, to crawl your website and display it on Google searches. For example, if you have a photography business, we would want your website to appear if someone is searching for a photographer in your desired area.  

Where is the best place to hide a dead body? Page 2 of Google. 

Our goal is to have your website place as high as possible in the search results so your website brings in as much organic traffic as possible. Ranking #1 on Google will usually get you between 26% and 32% of clicks!1 That’s not all. Over 76% of users will click a link on the first page, and not even continue to the page 2. Page 1 is prime real estate, and that’s where we want your website to live.

Google (and other search engines) uses many different variables and algorithms to determine where to place your website in searches. A few examples include load time, title tags, h1 tags, keyword density, and even links to other websites. When we create or update your website, we are always thinking of how it will effect your SEO and rankings down the road. There is technical and content oriented SEO — the team here at BKM Web Solutions will make sure your website is fully optimized for both.

The Many Benefits of SEO

High Quality Traffic.

A properly optimized website means the people visiting your site will be searching for the product or services that you offer. You’ll receive more high quality, organic traffic that is more likely to engage with your site.

24/7 Promotion

Your website can appear any time someone searches for a relevant query. This means it can appear day or night, 365 days a year.

Cost Effective

SEO is the perfect option if you can’t afford PPC advertising campaigns. There’s no need to spend hundreds or thousands on advertising campaigns because there’s no cost when people click on your website.

Increased Local Traffic

Local search queries (such as “pizza near me”) are more popular than ever. By optimizing your website for local traffic, you’ll be able to take advantage of your location and build a rapport with your community.

More Trust & Credibility

Websites with high search rankings are seen as more trustworthy and credible to both users and Google. By increasing your search ranking and developing a sound SEO strategy, your website will build trust between your potential customers and your website.

What's included with our SEO package?

Technical SEO

Our team has the technical know-how to make sure your website is ready for prime time. We will make sure Google is able to visit (or crawl) your website. In addition, we want to make sure your website loads quickly and the code is up to web and accessibility standards. We'll monitor your website for errors to make sure things are running smoothly.

Content SEO

Your website's copy needs to be tailored to its target audience, but also for Google's algorithm. By including the appropriate keywords in your text and using the correct tags, Google will know exactly who to show your website to, leading to higher traffic and business. We'll work together to find the best keywords for you, and help you naturally include them in your language.

Monthly Reporting

SEO is a volatile game. Search rankings can change at a moment's notice. We provide our SEO clients with a monthly analytics report on how their website is performing, where their customers are coming from, and their search rankings. Our monthly reports tell us how to improve our strategy, fine-tune our goals, and deliver more relevant traffic.

Google Business

We will place your business on Google My Business and Google Maps to bring in more additional traffic. Customers are able to leave reviews on Google Business, which will give other customers a positive first impression for your website! Additionally, it will be easier for people in your community to find your business when searching or browsing Google Maps.

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